Paula Diaz

Paula Diaz is originally from Chile, but has been living and working 16 years abroad and since 2014 she resides in the Philippines. She received her Master in Psychology from the University Arcis in Santiago, Chile. In 2000 Paula moved to Germany. There she worked as a psychologist in the fields of educational parenting and family therapy with focus in anxiety disorder and crisis intervention. She has specialized and undertook several trainings in assisting difficult traumatic cases and gained plenty of experience in Trauma therapy, working with children, teenagers and adults who have faced emotional, physical or sexual abuse.

She is certified in Germany as a Mediator-Child Protection Specialist and trained to deal with child mistreatment and molestation, including providing guidance to other professionals in therapeutically and custodial aspects. Paula is also trained and certified as a Marte Meo Therapist, an educational parenting method to provide supports to educators and parents to identify, activate and develop interactional and developmental skills of children and adolescents who are experiencing developmental delay.

Paula also lived in Jakarta, where she has deepened her knowledge and experience in diagnosing anxiety and emotional disorders of children including adaptation challenges and cross-cultural issues.

Paula treats children, adolescents and young adults for anxiety, depression, trauma, difficult life transitions, grief and loss, and emotional problems including transition and adjustment issues.

Paula speaks Spanish, English and German.